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amerhistoryleft's Journal

American History Nerds!
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For Leftism, LOLs, and more!
Come share! Are you a history nerd?

The real reason for this community has nothing to do with political bias, it has to do with my belief that history is FUN! I hate when I tell people what I do, and I hear some version of "Ugh, I HATED history in high school... all those dates... it's so boring! Leave the past be!" If some part of that statement bothers you, come join! History is hilarious, enlightening, crazy, compelling, and BEAUTIFUL.

I thoroughly enjoy the LOLhistory community, and encourage posting of History Macros, but that's not the specific focus here. The focus is modern history, and while the community says American, who really discriminates?

Why Leftism?
I searched for American History in the interest box and I was shocked at how many communities for Conservatives there were in comparison with the lack of communities for Liberals. The sort of presumption of a few of these communities seemed to be "YEAH WE'RE CONSERVATIVE, WHAT, AND WE HAVE AMERICAN HISTORY TO BACK US UP IN OUR BELIEFS." This may not be true of any specific community, but it's a sort of mentality that I've run into in my years as a history student, and it's had some sort of impact on me. I am liberal because I study history, and because of my appreciation for the uniqueness of American History. I feel there are probably others of you out there, and I want there to be a place for us!